Using Sugar To Resolve Your Financial Problems

Perhaps you are low on cash, you are lacking some excitement in your life or maybe you need more contacts to really kickstart your carrier. These are all things that a Sugar Daddy can help you with – if he is actually willing to.


A lot of girls seem to have the idea that a Sugar Daddy will be their own personal wallet. However, this is far from the truth. Maybe some Sugar Daddies will act as their baby’s wallet, but a lot of daddies can be quite reluctant to pay. I once had a Sugar Daddy say “I am not giving you that much money!” when we were traveling in Paris and I asked for 50+ EUR for the metro and food (as he would be in a business meeting all day, and I was supposed to wander by my own). For those who do not know: Paris is an expensive city and my Daddy was pretty wealthy; 50+ EUR was therefore a reasonable amount to ask for. On the bright side, a lot of Daddies will become more generous as your relationship develop and your bond grows stronger. However, not all Daddies will be generous.

Retail And General Economy In Geneva

Sugaring (being a Sugar Baby) can bring in the big bucks and the fancy handbags if you play it right and find a fitting Sugar Daddy, but do not count on it. Always make sure that you have some money in your pocket in case things go wrong. Don’t do like me and get stranded in Paris because you didn’t have money for the ticket back home.


As you move through the Sugar Bowl while playing your part as a Sugar Baby you might come across some tempting offers. Perhaps this wealthy, kinda handsome man not too far away proposes to meet up. At the meet up, he might suggest that you sleep with him and that there is something in it for you. You’re behind on your rent and really, really need money. Whether you accept or not is up to you, however be aware of the fact that this is actually prostitution (which is NOT the same as being a Sugar Baby). If you’re ok with that, then go with it. Though, be aware that in some countries this may be illegal, and sleeping with random men increases your chance of catching an STD. There are plenty of REAL Sugar Daddies out there who would gladly help you pay your bills; you do not need to sell your body to resolve your financial problems.

In conclusion, being a Sugar Baby can be a way to supplement your income and help you financially – but it may not be a good way to resolve all of your financial problems. Do not depend on a man to save your life just because he is rich.


Written  by
J. Paris


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